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Opening Reception - "I'm Listening" and "Mirrors"

We would like to thank everyone that made it out for the opening receptions of both “I’m Listening” an exhibition of new paintings by Aaron Elvis Jupin & Molly Bounds, and “Mirrors” an exhibition of sculptures by Meryl Pataky, Kyle Lypka and Tyler Cross.

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Press Release - "Mirrors" by Meryl Pataky, Kyle Lypka and Tyler Cross

Pt. 2 Gallery is excited to announce Mirrors, an exhibition that pairs the ceramic works of Tyler Cross and Kyle Lypka, with neon glasswork by Meryl Pataky. The two bodies of work contemplate different topics, Cross and Lypka exploring continuous growth within their relationship, while Pataky’s body of work traverses the timeless human compulsion to create. Read more after the jump.

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