Brett Flanigan



"Repeating Mistakes"
Oil on Canvas.
20 x 16 Inches. 2018.


"Mud Is Better Than Words"
Oil on Canvas.
23 x 23 Inches. 2018.


"Fake Fate"
Oil on Canvas.
18 x 24 Inches. 2017.



Acrylic, Flashe, Oil, Toner on Canvas.
24 x 20 Inches. 2017.



Acrylic and oil on stretched canvas. 
24 x 36 Inches. 2017.



"The West is A Fragile Construction" 
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
30 x 40 Inches. 2017.



"Anything Happened"
Oil on Linen.
36 x 48 Inches. 2016.



"Caught up on a barbed wire fence, just outside of Nashville" 
Acrylic, flashe and oil on stretched canvas.
49.5 x 48 Inches. 2017.



"A journey is an hallucination"
Oil, and acrylic on canvas.
48 x 49.5 Inches. 2017.



"I Have Some Outlandish Views On Reality And This One Of Them"
Oil, Ink and Graphite on Canvas.
73 x 55 Inches. 2016.



"A Wish For No More Wishes"
Oil, Flash, and Acrylic on Canvas.
72 x 72 Inches. 2016.



"Bury The Lantern"
Acrylic, Enamel, Oil on Canvas.
 64x64 Inches. 2015.



Acrylic, flashe, and oil on stretched canvas.
72 x 72 Inches. 2017.



"De Selby"
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
72 x 72 Inches. 2017.