Press Release - "I'm Listening" by Aaron Jupin and Molly Bounds


Molly Bounds - "Night Bath"
Oil on Canvas. 32 x 42 Inches. 2018.


I'm Listening
Aaron Elvis Jupin
Molly Bounds

Opening Reception: Saturday September 15th, 12-10pm.
Showing Through: Friday, October 5th, 2018.
1523 b Webster St. Oakland, CA 94612

Pt. 2 Gallery is proud to present I’m Listening, a dual exhibit of paintings from Aaron Elvis Jupin and Molly Bounds. The show features both artists’ unique styles of figurative painting, and each artists’ interpretation of self in an increasingly confusing human experience.


Aaron Jupin - "Some Things Last A Long Time"
Vinyl and Acrylic on Canvas. 59 x 69 Inches. 2018.


Jupin’s paintings depict interior settings as meditations on the rediscovery of childhood memories. He paints through a nostalgic lens to communicate the absurdity and abstraction of how things are remembered from childhood. Objects become characters, and his paintings aim to capture the feeling of objects as they’re experienced. 


Molly Bounds - "Kenyatta (Sundown)"
Vinyl Paint on Canvas. 16 x 18 Inches. 2018.


Bounds’ works center around the constant pull between being herself and being present for others. In the present era, distractions multiply in a near-exponential way, and conflicts arise in the way we can pay attention to others while also paying attention to ourselves. For Bounds, this is complicated by the way her brain drifts in and out of focus, making the process of truly  listening a larger demand. Over time, this skews her perception of what is listening, and what isn’t. Her work stands as a testament to this oscillating experience and channel where she has been able to focus in this exercise. 

There will be a guided artist talk of both exhibitions opening on Saturday at 3pm by Aaron Jupin, Molly Bounds, Meryl Pataky, Tyler Cross, and Kyle Lypka. The gallery is located at 1523 b Webster St. and is just blocks away from both 12th & 19th st Bart Stations. Opening receptions at pt.2: are always free and open to the public. To receive a preview of the exhibition please contact


Aaron Jupin - "Untitled"
Vinyl and Acrylic on Canvas. 
32 x 44 Inches. 2018.